Teachers are working in summer too

Teachers are working in summer too


Last September Reykjavik’s school director asked me if I would keep a workshop to Icelandic teachers about individual learning in biology and science. Cause of this question was my presentation about individual and collaborative learning in biology and geography which was spread in social media in Iceland and woke up interest in teachers of Iceland. I said yes, I would.

And now it is time to keep my words. Whole summer (this is what teachers do in their summer holidays ;)) I have build up my workshop.

I’m excited and slightly terrified. This is the first time for me to keep the workshop in English. But I hope I survive. Luckily I have a Icelandic colleague, Þóra with me as a co-worker and a support. Together we will surely  be successful.

Here is the description and materials of workshop. If you got interested please feel free to contact me.

Workshop description



Thursday 10.8.2017 for primary school teachers (grades 5-7) and lower secondary teachers (grades 8-10)


6 hours, 9 am – 15 pm


The Individual Learning in Biology Workshop is designed for teachers who are interested in new pedagogies and ICT as a learning tool.

The workshop will focus on individual/personalized learning of biology/science. The workshop is designed to help teachers familiarise themselves with the new pedagogies such as individual/personalized learning of biology/science, as well as using ICT as a learning tool. It will provide teachers with tips on how to get started with more individualized teaching and learning. In the workshop, the participants have time to make their own lesson plans for learning periods or multidisciplinary learning modules with other teachers.

The workshop may change the way you think about teaching biology/science. If you are ready for that –  welcome!

Subject areas/topics 

  • biology, science
  • 21st century skills
  • new curriculum
  • new pedagogies
  • individual/personalized learning
  • diverse learning assessment methods
  • ICT as a tool of individual/personalized learning


Before attending the workshops, the participants should know the main goals of the new curriculum in natural sciences (pages 167-180).  They should preview the Spark Page presentation: Biology and geography Individually, collaboratively and freely by Rita Keskitalo   https://spark.adobe.com/page/fMdNkTbvm1FyU/

Participants should be prepared to share their own practices and learning tools with the others. This will ensure that participants will get most out of the workshop. In the workshop, the participants will need their phones and tablets or laptops.


After the workshop the participants will be given a homework assignment where they are supposed to design a learning period and try it in practice in their classroom. Participants should do experiments in their own classroom on how new pedagogies like individual learning work in practice. Participants will later meet up with Þóra and share their experience.


The trainers of these workshops are Rita Keskitalo and Þóra Skúladóttir. Rita is a teacher of biology and geography at a secondary school in Finland and Þóra is a teacher of biology, chemistry and physics in Háteigsskóli.

Materials of Workshop


Unfinished. But it is here.

8 steps for learning

Ocean Activities

Goals and evaluation of workshop